Christina Sultan is professional in every sense of the word. With patience and kindness she explains the ins and outs of bookkeeping during our meetings and is diligent in keeping our records in order. We are fortunate and proud to have her on our team!

Christina has been important in handling accounting matters at my office. I have found her to be diligent, knowledgeable, and reliable.

I hired Christina to help me get set up on Quickbooks, and to train me on how to use it. She was great! Thoughtful, tuned in to my level of knowledge and understanding, and very responsive to my needs. I would definitely recommend her to other business owners!

Christina Sultan worked for Little River Survey Company as an independent contractor. Her main duties were bookkeeping that involved payroll, paying bills, and government reporting. Her pleasant personality was an asset when calling past due accounts. Christina came to work as scheduled, and if something extra needed to be done, she would make every effort to come in on unscheduled times.

  • Patricia Kules, Licensed Surveyor
  • Owner, Little River Survey Co. Stowe, VT

I have worked with Christina on several occasions and have found her easy to work with, friendly and trustworthy. She always seems to have the best interests of her clients at heart.

  • Roger A. Schoenbeck, CPA
  • 1009 South Main Street
  • Stowe, VT 05672
  • phone: (802) 253-4121
  • fax: (802) 253-1521
  • email:

I have found Sultan Bookkeeping to be responsive, professional, and an excellent resource for my growing business.

Christina was always upbeat and quite understanding... She was timely and reliable; easy to work with. She was a great asset, and I would recommend her as a bookkeeper.

  • Don Allen
  • Hike - Bike - Ski
  • Stowe, Vermont

Christina Sultan has gone above and beyond as bookkeeper both our Non-profit Good Fun-d, and my own lecture business. Her personal and professional qualities have been a great asset to the businesses. I think what sets Christina apart from the pack is her warmth and connection as a professional who is willing to really get to know you and your business to give it the attention and detail it deserves.

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Christina Sultan